APRIL  9 - MEETING - 4:00 PM

 Members and Non-Members Welcome!

A meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 9, at Harmony Haven.

We are located at 1049 Sandford Ave., West Terre Haute.  All interested persons are invited.  One of our agenda items will be fund-raising.  We will also be discussing our kennel improvement project, membership drive, and proposed medical area.

Some of us are planning to come early to do some "spring cleaning".  We will start around noon.  If you have an hour or two to help, it will be greatly appreciated.

Terre Haute is greatly concerned about the number of stray dogs and cats.  Harmony Haven is part of the solution to this problem.   We have a strong adoption program.  Although we have now reached housing capacity, as we find acceptable homes for our current residents, we will be able to accept more strays.  We urge you to consider adoption!

Our philosophy provides for excellent living conditions for our animals.  They are not kept in cages.  Our cats live in spacious rooms equipped with climbers, perches, play equipment and large windows.  Our dogs live in 8x10 foot rooms with outdoor runs.  They also have fenced exercise yards.

Come to our meeting and see our facilities!  Call  812-535-3819 or 812-533-2400 for more information.

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